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About me

Mr.Siddhit is the creator of “Pocketlinko”. I do not have any dysfunctional degree for proving myself “I am capable of doing something”. I eschew the word “Job” so I do freelance.

“Your Degree is an emptiness in front of experience “

Clients & Partners

I have worked with lots of startups and some great clients & partners from all over the world.  I am also myself founder of 6 under developing different startups  and 2 live.

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A community of Startups,Business founders learning together.


A SEO Niche Blogging Site Focused On Affiliate Marketing


#1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. 

Brolaa Books

A brand by brolaa for brolaabooks fousced on ecommerce site for books vendors


These are the tools i use  to get the best out of your product.


another best software for user interfaces and web design. Highly efficient work guaranteed.


one of the best design software for creating stunning designs and prototypes


instant messaging service to easily stay in touch at all times and exchange small files.


a great tool that store my mind projects and ideas into boards for coming projects.

Adobe Illustrator

Tool for creating stunning illustrations, icons and other vector  graphics.


The #1 wordpress page builder to create high landing pages . The whole site is made with this tool.

You have an interesting project? I'm always open for freelancing projects.

mr siddhit

A Freelance WordPress, Website, Products UI.UX Designer specializes in designing digital products like mobile applications, web and much more…