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Hello Humans! Let's Go to Moon!

I do not have any dysfunctional degree for proving myself "I am capable of doing something". I eschew the word "Job" so i work 9-5 for myself!


My Name Is Siddhit Shah and I’Am currently 17 years old (doesn’t matter). I very first came online when I was near grade six age clocks to 11 Year old, I just started doing these things for no reason as fun no idea.

I’m still thankful to myself I learned so many things in a couple of years that I should have learned after passing my high school. I ‘am at a point where for me now degree does not matter to me to prove i am capable for something.

I took everything seriously from Feb 16, 2020, it was the time where I was very close to have a school degree and complete my 10th, my point is still and never want to take a degree so I started doing smart work from these days still going on.

More bio coming soon 🙂

I am a man who love clean so i decided to keep my personal site clean.


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