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I'm Mr Siddhit​.

Mr. Siddhit, hailing from Nepal, is an experienced blogger and currently runs the successful online company Pocketlinko. He is also the founder developer and team leader of Hamrolinko, another popular blog TS Sutra. His interests include WordPress, technology, and sometimes even Astronomy and AI. Siddhit is also an active Web Angel investor in (TS Sutra) and a member of the management team of TS Sutra.

Would you like to join 20,000+ bloggers, freelancers and entrepreneurs in learning how I started an online company that earns thousands of dollars per year?I dropped out of college within a week of joining as a software engineering student, and invented a product during my 10th grade year. 

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Would you like to join 20,000+ bloggers, freelancers & entrepreneurs in learning how I started a blog that earns thousands of $$ ?

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Software Guides.

Pocketlinko’s free tools, reviews, and resources are designed to save you hours of time and thousands of dollars in marketing expenses.


WordPress World.

Themesutra helps you in every way possible to be your own boss. We cover the latest WordPress tutorial releases and reviews.


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Founder / Writer / Designer /UI/UX Design Professium​

22nd of January 2022- until now

Themesutra makes it easy for small businesses to succeed both online and offline by providing free tutorials on how to use WordPress to boost their sales. Themesutra is a blog that helps small businesses succeed. Themesutra helps small businesses succeed by providing free tutorials on how to use WordPress to boost their sales.

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Creator / Writer / Designer (Web / Mobile) 👨‍💻

17th of January 2020- until now

Pocketlinko your PCL expert specializes in WordPress, SEO, Host networks and have an extensive history in the field. With over years of combined experience working on software programs, designing secure networks,

And directing the testing process, they oversee our robust review system guaranteeing you’ll only find the best Reviewed, guides, products on our site.


Design Team Leader ~ Writer / UI/UX (Web/ Mobile)​

20th of March 2020 - until now

Hamrolinko is a Leading Nepal platform for youth, startups, and entrepreneurs where you can share your stories on our platform among thousands of monthly readers. We weekly publish new content related to startups and founders’ stories.

From interviews to articles, including post-mortem posts, guides, and stories. Hamrolinko helps by sharing motivational and skillful stories, and startup ideas for students and entrepreneurs to inspire them toward the skill-based education system. 


Engineer / UI.UX Product Interface Designer

Working on UI interface since November 2020 - ~~

Sislaa is a one-stop ecommerce brand for women, for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. We aim to empower young women all over the world to find courage, motivation and help build their dreams and embrace who they are unrequited.

Sislaa was originally launched in 2013, selling beauty products and clothing for women only. It has since evolved into a full lifestyle brand with a range of items including but not limited to jewellery and accessories.

When girls rise, we all rise

Idea to Realization Engineer / Product Designer (x ElonMusk)

20th of October - launching by the end of 2025

BrolaaSpace is a coming soon idea to realize a start-up company in the field of Robotics, Space. Our vision is to build a hotel on Moon and explore space soon… (🙆 Chances ☠)

BrolaaSpace Dare To Leap, The Vision We Saw DECADE Years Ago Building Hotel In Moon….

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BrainStorming / Under Progress

Launching by the end of May, 2024

The purpose of websites is to serve as a platform that offers a combination of features. It functions as a product review site, where users can find information and reviews about various products. Additionally, it serves as a startup listing website, allowing entrepreneurs to showcase their newly launched startups to a broader audience.

The website also offers deals and exclusive pricing to users, emphasizing the benefits entrepreneurs can obtain from using the platform. In summary, airpricey websites aim to provide a space where entrepreneurs can promote their startups, while also offering product reviews and exclusive deals to users.

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Mr Siddhit

Mr Siddhit.

In the search for a meaningful life, it may be a struggle to define who you are and what you do because let’s be honest, talking about yourself makes you sound egotistical. And if we have to bio ourselves who we are and what we do, I find this as stupid. Just be the person that no need of bio…

Thanks for reading 👋. It really means a lot, My work is graciously supported by your every visit and learnings.